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Claim your free Here to Help Bundle to receive Helios Hand Sanitizer Mist for yourself and to give to someone else. For every bundle sold, we donate one to an essential worker or at risk individual through the Helios Here to Help 1:1 Donation Campaign. We are #HeretoHelp. Are you?

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Hydrating and non-sticky

Kills 99.9% Of Germs

Consciously formulated

Cleanse hands effectively when fresh water is unavailable.
Helios Moisturizing Hand Sanitizing Gel

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Helios Hand Sanitizer

We are Helios

Helios Hand Sanitizer was founded on the principles of giving and keeping our communities safe during this time of need and uncertainty. As the state of the world is unfolding in unique ways each day, one thing has become very clear; we all have to pitch in to keep each other as safe as possible. This is why we’ve made it the mission of Helios to supply emergency workers in all markets that we serve free of charge.

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